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Rumparooz and Charlie Bananas?

Do you like them? I am hoping to buy them as a O/S but was curious! I am nervous about Rumparooz. I don't hear them talked a lot on here!
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Re: Rumparooz and Charlie Bananas?

  • I have some Charlie Banana OS diapers. I like them. I didn't think I would like the size adjustment in the legs, but I don't have a problem with them. I don't like crossover waist adjustments in general though, and these are the same, I feel like they are always too loose in the waist, but have never had a leak.
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  • Rumparooz are my favorite diapers..unfortunately they are too $$ (I only have 2) and the rise isn't very generous.  DS is on the smaller side and still fits in them at age 2, but a lot of people complain that they don't last through potty training.  I love the inner gussets and they wash soo well!

    I've never tried CBs.


  • I love our Rumparoos! They have a good fit and seem to be of good quality.  The patterns are also really cute!

    We have a few CBs too, and I also like those. I find that the waist fit is slightly awkward for my daughter, but we still have never had leaking issues with them. 

  • I like my Rumparooz a lot, but definitely don't love them. I like the inner gussets, but I don't like the fact that they make the diapers bulky. I like trim diapers, and my Rumparooz are not as trim as my Swaddlebees, Fuzzibunz, Tots Bots, etc. 
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  • I have a charlie banana and am very happy with it. My stash is mostly AIOs, but if I had to buy more pockets, I would pick charlie bananas over BG. 
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  • I got a Rumparoo as a free Kelly's Closet diaper. I like it a lot!  DD likes it too - she only poops once a week and it is often in this diaper!  We call it her pooping diaper. Thank goodness for inner gussets. 
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  • I love my Rumparooz!  I wouldn't make them your whole stash because they are a bit bulkier but they make up 75% of my stash!
  • We love our Charlie Bananas... great patterns and nice quality. The PUL isn't "sticky" feeling so they are easy to stuff. They are a bit bulkier than our fuzzibunz and the insert takes a lot longer to dry than the fuzzibunz but overall we really like these diapers (actually, just ordered a few more). I like how they pocket for teh insert opens inside the diaper so it can't come untucked in the back and get DD's clothes wet like the fuzzibunz do when you forget to make sure the insert is down

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  • We have 2 Rumparooz and while I like the inner gusset, I don't love the bulk for day to day wear so I don't reach for it first. I used it last night as an overnight with both inserts and while it was super bulky, it did the job for us (12 hours).
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