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Day Care/Nannies in Alexandria/Kingstown area

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good day care/home day care in the Alexandria (Old Town/Kingstown areas)?  Has anyone had any experiences with Kindercare in Kingstown area?




Re: Day Care/Nannies in Alexandria/Kingstown area

  • Northern VA Academy of Early Learning in Kingstowne is AMAZING. Stay away from Chesterbrook and Kindercare...they are sketchy.

  • Thank you so much!   I will look at NOVA Academy in Kingstown. 
  • HI



    I am a first time mom, just gave birth to a sweet baby boy in July 14th!

    I have been working as a nanny for 9 years (5 in USA) and was planning on being a full time mom and babysit at my place, just for one more baby so I can take a really good care of them.

    Is it something you would be interested??


    I am in Alexandria too!


    my e-mail is [email protected]


    Thank you!!!


  • My son's daycare has space available for infants/toddlers right now (I'm actually helping her with the marketing materials).

    Caterpillar Family Daycare in Alexandria (22306, Hybla Valley).

    The contact information has changed in the above-mentioned links. The new phone # is 703-765-3594.

    Feel free to PM me or send me an email shellindcwife (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Check out they're a non-profit network of home daycares in NoVa, and coordinate training, certifications, in-home inspections, etc. with all of their providers.  We and other friends have had really good experiences working with them.
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