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Not Crazy about my Ergo. Other SSC suggestions?

I don't believe I've poted here yet, so hello!

I've been using a boba wrap for DD (which I LOVE) but it gets very warm and shes getting a bit big for it at 18 pounds. I purchased an Ergo after reading so many great reviews, but I'm not crazy about it. 

First, it's really bulky. Maybe it's just because I'm going from a wrap to a SSC, but I'm wondering if other brands are like this as well.

Second, it's not very comfortable. I find myself constantly adjusting the waist belt. Should it be at my waist, or at my hips? 

Finally, are there other SSC that you would recommend over the ergo?

TIA for reading yet another carrier question. 

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Re: Not Crazy about my Ergo. Other SSC suggestions?

  • I definitely had a learning curve when it came to the ergo. For the first week I couldn't understand why people raved about them. When I finally got it adjusted correctly to my body that's when I really started liking it.

    I keep the waist belt just above my hipbones. I would try adjusting the straps a little differently as well as the positioning of the waist belt until you find where is most comfortable for you.

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  • I like the Beco Butterfly a ton more, I feel like it's more streamlined than the Ergo and it fits my torso better. I wear the bottom strap at my hips. Do you have a baby-wearing store you can try on some different brands? I think some websites will send you rentals/samples, but I don't know which ones.
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  • There are a ton of carriers I recommend over the Ergo! Tula, Bamberoo, Olives & Applesauce, Kinderpack..the list goes on and on! Since you already have wraps, why not get a wrap conversion ssc? I have O&A and TMD (Two Mommas Design).   You get a slot and send in your wrap to be converted.  The possibilities are endless...full buckle, half buckle, reverse half buckle, mei tai, etc.  These are very supportive and very comfortable, since they are made from a wrap.  You should look into that!
  • Wow, great information, thanks ladies! I'll try making adjustments to the ergo, and if hat doesn't work, I'll be sure to look into the other suggestions. Thanks!
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  • not a fan of my ergo either, got a boba and LOOOOOVE it! LO also seems more comfy in it

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  • I love my Boba 3G, but agree with others that it does take some adjusting and using to get it feeling right.
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  • fraseyfrasey member

    a vote for Beco Bultterfly here.

    That said, when I got it I was reading the instructions, and it did say that you can wear the waist belt at the hips or the waist, whichever was more comfortable. i would think that the Ergo would be the same!

    As PPs said, give it a few tries, and check out a babywearing store or meeting in your town if possible.

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