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Nauseated all day

I will be seven weeks tomorrow and I have been experiencing pretty much all day nausea for almost a week.  It is making life pretty miserable simply because I feel like I am useless.  I am on my fifth day off of work and I have been able to accompish pretty much nothing because I spend so much of my time laying around.  I go back to work tomorrow for a two day stretch (I work 12.5 hour night shifts) and a I am dreading it because I already feel so sick.  Even some of my favorite activities (like reading) just make me more sick.  I rarely vomit and, despite a decrease in appetitie, I haven't lost weight.  So I am not ready to request medication yet, but I may have to depending on how work goes over the next two nights. 

I was nauseated early in my first pregnancy, but not like this.  When I was pregnant with my son, it came and went really quickly, so the nausea was easy to deal with.  Oh I hope this ends soon!  Anyone else have almost constant nausea?  How are you dealing?

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Re: Nauseated all day

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    I've been nauseous all day very day for 2weeks.  Fruit seems to make me feel slightly better.  And a cup of tea. 
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    I was nauseated early in my first pregnancy, but not like this.  When I was pregnant with my son, it came and went really quickly, so the nausea was easy to deal with. 

    This is EXACTLY how I felt the first time, so with the second pregnancy and the constant nausea, I didn't know what the hell hit me.

    For me, it was trial and error. Some things would sound good, but once I ate/drank them, I was hugging the toilet shortly thereafter. I just tried to stick with bland items, and if I could keep them down, then I'd continuously eat them. The nausea itself would never really subside. It was always there. I had considered talking with my doctor about Zofran, but, thankfully, the nausea stopped. (the random vomiting did not) 

    If the nausea is interfering with your work that significantly, I'd talk about Zofran with your doctor. I've heard great things about it from some, and from others, have heard that it really didn't do much but it's certainly worth a try until you're feeling better and can stop taking it. 

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    nmo941nmo941 member
    Try so vitamin water, it worked for me. I started drinking it before I even got out of bed and continued through out the day.  I am here to tell you, that it does get better

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    I am right there with you girl! I get sick about 5 minutes after I get out of the bed. I have tried everything: saltines in bed, ginger snaps, drinking ginger ale before I get outta bed, long deep breaths. Yep NOTHING has worked for me.


    I have found that fruit is something I can keep down and I LOVE it.  I have to avoid juice at all times. As soon as it hurts my stomach, I hit the toilet. Grains do really well for me too ( just not saltines). But bread or toast or cereal in the morning is a must for me.  It doesn't keep the feeling away but it does help out alot.


    Hopefully something will work for you soon! I know its no fun but think about what you gain in the end Big Smile

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    What you're describing was how I was when pregnant with DS.  It was awful and lasted through week 22.  Then it finally stopped all together.  Ugh.  It started at 6 weeks.  This time, I already feel nasty and have for the last week.  I'm scared of what's to come!  Hang in there!!
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    I have been having all day nausea for the past week as well. I went to Walmart two days ago and bought Sea Bands. You can find them in the motion sickness isle. They are bracelets you wear that work the same way acupuncture works. They have no medication therefore are completely safe in pregnancy, and cost about $9.00. They aren't stylish, but they have taken away my nausea for the most part so I can't complain!
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    Hey, I've been dealing with the same thing for 2 weeks straight.  (I'm at 7 weeks right now) I'm not throwing up, but the only relief I get is at night when I am sleeping.   I kind of expected this to happen, because I get the worst motion sickness imaginable when traveling.  I haven't been able to do anything either.  Reading and internet are 10 minute stretches, and then I start to feel light headed.  I try and walk for 20-30 minutes every day, and same thing happens.  I was running ever day 2 weeks ago!  Feel absolutely helpless and useless.  Leading to some frustration with the husband because I don't think he gets it.  Who wants to sit home and feel like crap all day? Like it's some kind of vacation....  

    Anyway, some of the things that I've tried:  Zofran 3x a day.  (helps me for about an hour each time I take it)

    -crushed ice with gatorade is my new best friend.  

    -starchy foods broken up over the day.  Most other food brings out the gag reflex, but toast, pasta, oatmeal, cereal are all OK.   


    I hope you feel better soon!  I cant imagine doing this for another couple of weeks.  :)   

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