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Please help me re:vaccines and DH

When SS was diagnosed with autism, it was during the height of the "vaccines cause autism" / Jenny McCarthy era.  He knows the British study was debunked but he's still incredibly nervous.  I've used the argument that something like Polio is much worse than autism but still...  

I understand where DH is coming from.  We never planned on having a child together.  He didn't want more children because he was afraid of having a second child with a disability and I am incredibly career driven so never thought I could make the time for a LO (other than SS who I love as my own).  I just feel that fully vaccinating a child is important.  I don't want to go behind my DH's back to do it so want to be able to educate him further.  I've looked into a delayed vaccination schedule - which he is open to considering - but I'm not sure if I'll be able to find a pediatrician in our area that will go along with that.  It also worries me that LO won't be protected for a longer period of time than most children.  I'm on a college campus and in schools throughout the week and we are in a border city so exposure is an issue.    

I'd love if I could get some additional approach ideas from you ladies (or heck, if you think I'M wrong - tell me so).  If you know of any websites or books I can read to have more specific knowledge on the subject, that would be great.  Our chiropractor is anti-vaccine and has given DH a TON of literature that is anti-vaccine, including a guide that lists the preservatives and how the side-effects mimic autism.  We no longer see this chiropractor but the damage has been done.



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Re: Please help me re:vaccines and DH

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    So your DH takes his medical advice from Miss October? You have my sympathies. Did your DSS get any of the vaccines that had preservatives in them? I know my son did, but I really think we're looking at a heritable trait not vaccine damage.

    I like the way you put that...  DH never FINISHED vaccinating DSS.  This bothers me - especially with a new baby in the mix - and I am hoping that whatever I can convince him with DD, he'll be on board with finishing his vaccines.  I was not aware of his view point on this until we enrolled him in his new school and noticed his shot record was incomplete.  I'm not sure what preservatives were typical in vaccines in 2004/2005.  I know he had the typical round they provide to all kids.

    I personally believe there's a heritable trait relationship, as well.  I see small things within his family (and with DSS's BM's own mental health issues).  I think it's just easier for DH to blame something else other than genetics.  He feels less guilty so to speak.


    The interesting piece is the great vaccine scare was initially focused on MMR, not because of the preservative, but because real measles sometimes leaves children with autism in its wake. It's a rare complication today, but in the days when autism rates were lower and measles rates were higher it wasn't an unusual cause. Has he actually read the Wakefield paper? The science is beyond unethical. My favorite was him collecting blood samples at his cild's birthday party. Can you imagine?


    I did not know that autism was a complication of measles.  I'll have to mention this to DH.  He hasn't read the Wakefield paper.  I have and it is atrocious research.  I've explained this within the confines of how research SHOULD be conducted.  DH just isn't a researcher.  


    Measles is a plane ride away from any of us. We had an outbreak here last summer when a French exchange student came to town in the prodrome stage and infected a number of people.

    What says your DSS peditrician? Have you done genetic counseling for a risk assessment? Have you picked a pedi? Most local autism support groups have a list of physicians who are willing to selectively vaccinate or follow a modified schedule.

    I agree that it's easy with international travel AND the more parents who are choosing not to vaccinate to pass along diseases with potential deadly side effects.  I'm not comfortable with this at all.

    We have not done genetic counseling.  When DH thought DD may have Down Syndrome based on a soft marker in the 20 week ultrasound, he immediately went to abortion as an option before I had even gone through additional testing.  I had a blood draw and it came back negative.  DD was not planned (I was on birth control) so we definitely did not seek genetic counseling prior to deciding whether or not to have children.    

    DSS's pediatrician follows the CDC's schedule.  I like that she's more homeopathic than medication-pushing, but she does support vaccinating on time.  I had planned on using her for DD out of ease.  I was not aware that local support groups could help with a pedi search.  Thanks for the tip! 

    I know I make DH out to be an idiot in all this.  He isn't.  DH's family is the type that hides away disabilities.  His aunt has schizophrenia and mental retardation.  She has always lived at home and is rarely taken out in public.  His grandparents did not want her to receive any community services.  She actually is very capable of holding a job.  His family also believes in vaccines causing autism.    It's just an endless, dirty cycle.  My family is the opposite.  I've been vaccinated for everything under the sun.   


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    The last batch of thimerosal containing vaccines (excepting the flu vax) expired in 2003. Your DSS probably didn't get any. Any yet the rate for autism continued to rise after the preservatives were taken out.


    Sorry I'm quoting this way - I'm on a Mac and it won't let me do PIP, smileys, bold, etc.

    I did not know that they removed thimerosal from vaccines.  This is what makes DH nervous since this is the preservative that "caused" DSS's autism...  I'm not even sure where he originally got this idea.  He's just always been adamant about it. 

    Some physicians I know will do a modified schedule if it means the parents will consider doing the vaccines rather than draw a line in the sand and risk the parents opting out off all. Would she be willing to talk with your DH?

    Our pediatrician is always willing to talk.  She's very open minded.  It's my understanding that it's the office policy that they vaccinate on schedule.  We didn't get into a deep conversation about vaccinations.  I just happened to ask how their office handled different requests for vaccine schedules while I was in with DSS checking out a possible UTI.  I did not approach asking as if DH was 100% against it otherwise.  I know he's open to a modified schedule.  It means more money out of pocket since the insurance won't pay for the extra visits but I'm OK with that if that's what it takes.

    Off topic: He's not had an accident since I last posted.  He's more acclimated to his schedule so I'm guessing we just threw too many changes at him at once and he couldn't handle it.


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