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Beco Butterfly vs. Gemini?

Hi all!

I'm a FTM trying to decide which carrier to purchase, and I think I have it narrowed down.  What are your thoughts on the Beco Butterfly/Gemini?  I also have a K'Tan and a PPB sling, but I want something DH can use as well.  TIA!


Re: Beco Butterfly vs. Gemini?

  • I went round and round on this...I liked that the Gemini had the forward-facing front carry (but really, I can only use that up to a certain size before it starts hurting my back)...and the Butterfly let's you put them on your back easily without extra hands (something I got to test in the airport with my toddler). I went with the butterfly in hopes of back-carrying longer with a larger infant while I chase the toddler around.

    That said...I'm currently only using the Ergo with insert...since the Butterfly felt to unsupported for a newborn :P

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  • I went with the Gemini because of the option of being able to face forward, but my LO never seemed to mind facing me, so we've never tried it. I can do the back carry by myself, it just takes a little practice.
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  • I got the gemini because of the front facing option too but to be honest the hip carry also allows them to see front and I find it more comfortable than the front carry.  I can put DD on my back with no problem by myself.  It took a few tries but I became a pro. 
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  • I got the Butterfly. I know I'll be doing back carries a lot longer than front ones, so I really liked that I'd be able to do it by myself. I was not concerned about the lack of forward-facing ability, since it's not really recommended, I hadn't planned on FF her anyway.  An added bonus was that I got it on one of those daily deal sites for only $60. 

    I love my Butterfly. I used it today to enable me to vacuum my house.  =)

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  • I love our Becco... it worked great when he was a 5lb newborn (swaddled tightly before put it) and it works great on my back at 20lbs now. DH has really liked it to... he struggles getting him on his back alone but can do it (less shoulder flexibility), but it isn't hard for me.
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  • I used a Butterfly w both my kids and live it. Does the Gemini do back carries? I have worn them on my back longer than on my front. 


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  • fraseyfrasey member

    I was facing the same decision a few weeks ago. I went with the Butterfly. I tried both of them on in the store, and liked the Butterfly more for a few reasons.

    1) I didnt think Id really be using the front facing out carry too often, or the hip carry

    2) I liked the idea that I could pass DD to DH without taking her out. We actually did this while we were out this aft. 

    3) seems easier for back carries

    4) I liked that the butterfly wasnt padded, while the gemini was. I dont really see why this is necessary, and would just make DD hotter. 

    5) It just felt good for us both, and DH likes to use it too. 

    6) I liked the idea that it had a higher weight limit, and came ready to use for a new born as well.

    I have a k-tan as well, but prefer the Butterfly. HTH!

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