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Stupid flu bug

So my DS had the flu this week (he is better now) and now DH has caught it.  DH woke up in the middle of the night to throw up A LOT!

Here is my major problem, I got a + OPK this am and I am having O cramps now.  It is a critical BD day.  DH understands this, so we just "attemped" sexy time.  Major fail.  I told him to take a quick nap and drink a lot of water then we will attempt again.  Boo!

Any good ideas on how to get a performance out of a sick hubby??

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Re: Stupid flu bug

  • I'm so sorry hubby is sick, I can so identify with this frustrating problem - it's happened to us the last 2 months, and served to cut short or delay our BDing each time, which I think contributed to our failed cycles (I also have a 20 month old petrie dish lol).  I'm not sure I have any advice, you may just have to take a pass on this month, hard as that is to stomach (no pun intended).  But if you want to try, I say give him some pepto and give it a shot!  Good luck whatever you decide!


    Me - 38 DH - 38 DD - 2 pregnancy
  • On our third attampt yesterday we were able to compete the mission.  Hopefully it waill be easier today:)

     This better be our cycle!!

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