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Going to a Bris

I'm headed to my very first Bris on Monday. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a heads up on what to bring (gifts, money), what to wear, what to expect, etc. It will be held at the in-laws house and this is the second little boy for the couple. 


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Re: Going to a Bris

  • You could bring a traditional baby gift (clothes, toys) or money.  Denominations of $18 are considered "lucky" as the letter Chai is the 18th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and means luck.

    When DS was born, I got mostly gifts for him rather than money.


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    I wore nice outfit like going to church and brought a baby gift.  I made sure to be as far from the action as possible when it started.  It was a little ceremony, over fairly quickly, no muss, no fuss.  Mazeltov and on you go!

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  • I received baby shower type gifts for both of my boys' bris.  Cute outfits, toys, baskets of bath stuff, hooded towels etc.  She might even have a registry.  Wear what you would wear for a shower.  Have fun.  The actual circumcision takes 2 seconds and usually child gets topical anesthetic so it's not a lot of drama.  
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