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Olympics anyone?

So, are you going to watch?   What's your favorite sport??

I like to follow the athletes who train here in Colo Springs.  That's mostly wrestling/weightlifting, track and field and a few gymnastics...nobody particularly famous from here this time around.  We've had big names in the past like Apolo Ohno and Rulon Gardner.. just not this season.

BTW-I have a FB friend in Germany who is watching in real time and says the Opening Ceremony is, well, odd.   Guess that's going to suck me in tonight, too.


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Re: Olympics anyone?

  • I doubt I'll be able to watch much of it with how my life is right now, but I'm recording the opening ceremonies on my DVR and will catch it after I bathe the little man and get him to bed and then help my mom get ready for bed

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  • steverstever member
    I'll watch tonight and a few events, but I only really go out of my way for the gymnastics. I imagine I'll spend a lot of time zoning out over late night coverage of random events while I'm up with my soon to be NB.
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  • Definitely going to watch! We wait for the Olympics! My favorite event is gymnastics, but I also love track & field, swimming and diving. Can't wait!
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  • Yes, I'm in.  Though I must have missed the best part of the opening ceremonies because I just saw a bunch of weird and checked out.  Looking forward to swimming  & gymnastics.  I'll watch pretty much whatever is on.
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  • I wasn't too impressed with the opening ceremonies overall. I am hoping to catch some gymnastics.  

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  • Didn't watch the opening ceremony. This morning at the farmers market people who saw it were discussing though and they didn't seem impressed by it. Anyways, after the opening in China it is probably a very very hard task!:)

    Looking forward to watching gymnastics.  

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  • Watching aquatics, obviously!! I've always kept up with swimming. I'll probably try catching triathlon, cycling, track and field and gymnastics. We watch a lot of the Olympics, really, and will probably catch the Paras. We know people competing in each.

    Also - can I say the COC can suck it. 6 in the world, and a family member didn't get chosen in his sport??? Again. WTF.

  • PeskyPesky member
    Aside from the olympic flame/cauldron thing at the end, it was pretty much just "eh" for me.  DH and I both preferred the Beijing opening overall.  I've been watching swimming and some gymnastics.  Not much else.  

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