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Nasal Cleft

Has anyone heard of a child being born with a nasal cleft? My husband and I just found out during our 23 week ultrasound that there's a strong possibility that our daughter has one, and unfortunately there is little research on a cleft that is limited to the nose. We'd love to hear from a family who has experienced this.

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  • So it's just the nose and not the lip included?  

    My DH was born with a unilateral nasal cleft lip and palate. He went through a lot of surgeries, and had some issues with his teeth as a child but he looks like a normal adult now. He had a bone graft from his hip to help rebuild the missing gum line where the cleft was on his face. This strengthened his jaw enough for his teeth to come down properly. He always has sinus and ear issues. He lives with a sinus infection and soupy ears. 

    The good news... you can't even tell he has a cleft unless you REALLY look, and he was born in 1983. Things have changed so much!

    In this picture of DH and his little sister, you can see up his nose... it's a little uneven, but not noticeable from the front.

    This is an up close picture where you can see the scar stretch to his nose. He is cleft on his left side (I can't seem to find a straight on picture or a left side picture). 


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    Our first family photo!

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  • Thank you so much for your response. It's very reassuring to see someone who has gone through this and resulted in such a positive outcome.

    Yes, it is just a cleft nose as of now, although we will know more once we receive the results from the fetal MRI on Wednesay. Our understanding is a cleft nose is less sever than a cleft palate but again, won't know until we receive the results.

    Thank you!

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  • Nearly two years later, we are now well versed on what turned out to be a Tessier 13 craniofacial cleft. If anyone needs information on Tessier clefts, please feel free to message me! I have a ton of research on advice on how we treated our beautiful baby girl's cleft.
  • Hi KShaykin - Thanks for the update! I hope you are doing well. Did your LO have surgery? 
  • She is scheduled for surgery in two weeks. This is the first of two surgeries need for repairs, and is the lesser of the two, so a good way to ease into the idea!
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