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What does your 3 year old weigh?

So you ladies were right - no shots at the 3 year appt for us!  Thanks for the heads up.  All went pretty well (with the exception of the vision check which Emma just wasn't HAVING).  She was completely healthy and growing well, but the doctor mentioned that her BMI is in the 90s.  I freaked out!  She's not concerned (or so she said) and thinks it may have been because she may not have been standing really tall for her height measurement.  She weighs 33lbs and is 36 inches tall.  She doesn't SEEM chunky to me at all, but the BMI has gotten me concerned.  How does that compare to your LOs?
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Re: What does your 3 year old weigh?

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    Glad the appointment went well!  I wouldn't worry too much about the BMI issue if your doctor isn't concerned.  I know my doc seldom gets an accurate height or weight on my girls since for some reason this is always the worst part of the appointments (they've even fussed more trying to get a height than when they've gotten a shot!).   My girls are about 3.5 years old and are just shy of 37 inches.  I think one weighs about 26lbs (she's tiny) and the other is 31ish. 
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  • Cadence was 31 or 32lbs and 38.5 inches at 3, I think, and I want to say her BMI was in the 30's..so if the height was off even an inch it probably makes a big difference.
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  • Bailey is 36lbs (he's actually dropped some) and 40inches tall. Our pedi didn't even mention BMI or anything. Just that Bailey is still in the 90%tile. He's actually tall and getting skinny to me.
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  • I wouldn't worry about the BMI, especially if your doctor isn't concerned.  they said the same thing about Riley, but I know he is healthy so I didn't worry about it.  I've included the link to my nerd charts:


    Finn was 35lbs and a little over 39".  Riley was 37lbs and a little over 38".

  • We're on the opposite end of the spectrum.  Gavin is tall and SUPER skinny.  He has weighed 30-32 lbs since he was 2.5 years old.  He doesn't look unhealthy but its always such a shock to see his percentiles drop at each visit.  He was 80-90% for the first 2 years and since then, it has dropped like a rock.  He was at 5% for weight at his 4 year appt.  I asked the doctor and she said that she's not concerned since she can look at him and see that he's not malnourished and clearly very active.  Even so, I do all that I can to pack in the protein when I can get him to eat it.  He's pretty picky so its tough.  Anyway, I wouldn't worry- I'd much rather be on the higher end of the percentile chart!






  • The most important thing is that she is following her growth curve.  BMI @ 3 years old is to try and catch children at risk for becoming overweight.  If your doctor isn't concerned then I wouldn't be either.  I don't even remember them telling me what Ava's BMI was at her 3 year old appointment but I am sure it was low.  She was 28# and 36 inches.  She has always been below the 10% tile for weight but the doctor isn't concerned b/c she is following her growth curve.  Oh and we didn't have a vision test.  I can't imagine a 3 year old really complying to that.  
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  • I agree with everyone else that you shouldn't be concerned.  At that age and weight just a very slight difference in height measurement can drastically change BMI.  My son just had his appointment and he is 38 3/4" and 36".
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  • I think DD weight about 28 lbs at 3 years. She just turned 4 and weighs 33lbs.
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