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Okay... Really??? XP

So, I just got a call back from the GI's office, and they said our swallow study came back normal.  Really?  She took .5 oz, and they never caught her swallowing it, because she only it by being held by us, then being put on the table and trying to get her to drink more (she wouldn't).  How would that tell you if she is swallowing normal?  I can see if they said her tummy looked normal, because that is what the XRay doctor said- that it will be a 'limited' study because they can't catch her actually swallowing under the Xray machine.  Also, I suspect she has EoE.  Does this 'normal' study mean anything in regards to that-or is it really not related because the biopsy needs to be done to diagnose? 

My head is swimming.  I was initially happy to hear the message on my cell, saying she had a normal study and no need to call the office back, but then, I was like, how?  And, of course I am going to call you back!  I think we need a scope!  Just because she had a normal study doesn't mean she is eating anything yet!

ARGHHHHHHHH!  My first annoyance with doctors about my kid.  I have a feeling, not my last!
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Re: Okay... Really??? XP

  • We had DD tested repeatedly because they told us she had reflux and that it is really common and we should not worry.

    Well, we pushed for more testing. Even her first Pedi GI said we should just put her on Axid and hold her upright.

    After DD stopped eating entirely, we took her to the ER and they did a battery of tests on her. Turns out, she had GERD with esophogeal ulcers. The swallow study they performed there proved that my daughter lost the ability to swallow correctly because of how much pain eating caused her.

    Once we knew what we were actually dealing with, we were able to treat her and she is 150% better now.

    If you feel that the tests were incomplete and the results innacurate, get a second opinion. Get a third if you have to.

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