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Would you buy these?

Hi!  Wondering if you can give me some feedback?If there were a healthy, pre-made muffin option available to you would you buy it? What if it were specifically for your kids? That is, low fat, all-natural, vitamin dense, delicious muffins to have/supplement for breakfast, or for after-school-snacks for the kids, or in their lunch, or on the weekends?Yes, I know we can all buy a box mix- but that even takes prep work (do you have all the ingredients you need?) and dishes, and cook time...and then, do all the muffins get eaten before they start to go stale?  Also, who wants eat nutritionally lacking food? Both box mixes and "from scratch" recipes are usually nutritionally void. These muffins are healthy AND taste good!  These muffins use whole grains, all-natural ingredients and they hide veggies into them- you know, like blending pureed cauliflower into your kid's mashed potatoes....Do you like the idea of a frozen muffin batter already in the lined papers that you put in the oven and bake yourself (wa-laa! fresh baked muffins) or do you like pre-baked muffins that you thaw?Thanks in advance for your thoughts!  All thoughts welcomed!!

Re: Would you buy these?

  • I was going to say I wouldn't buy these because I don't want my kid eating muffins and I bake.  But once you said whole grains and some veggie, I would try it.  I think that market would prefer frozen muffin batter to bake yourself as opposed to pre-baked.  You might want to do some research into which one would either taste better?
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  • mwdmwd member
    I think I would prefer frozen, because then I can make when I want to, or leave it frozen.  My kids ate nothing but frozen waffles for 3 months for breakfast, unless I made ....pancakes. But now they are on a cereal/oatmeal/eggs/waffle on weekends rotation.  And DS loves to bake, and see things rise.  What you're describing sounds very good, I may just bring one on my lunch and try to convince myself that it's my "veggies". Wink
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  • steverstever member

    My initial thought was that I wouldn't, but if they're as healthy as you say I might.

  • I like the frozen can make as many or as few as you need.  Cool idea!
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  • It's a great idea and I wish you luck with it :) It's not appealing to me (maybe something I'd get every once in a blue moon) because I already do muffins and freeze them. The only thing I buy frozen/premade are waffles because I don't have a waffle iron........yet!
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