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Like an idiot I forgot a vital part of my pump this morning and now can't pump at work. Effffffffffff. It is now a race against my milk-filling boobs to see how long I can stay at work until I start leaking/explode. Joy.

At least it is a good excuse to have to leave early...


  • yo that sucks. I didn't forget my pump the other day, there just so happened to be no part of the day that worked for me to pump and I went 12 hours. it suuuuuucked
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  • I did that a few times (including twice in the same weekend. HELLO!) and ended up having to manually express a few times.  Granted, I didn't get nearly as much as I would have through pumping, but it did the trick!
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  • I forgot my tubing once and hand expressed both times that day at work. It was tiresome but I got a lot of practice in his first few weeks of life so I was pretty proud at how well I did. 

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