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Night Weaning & The Crib

Has anyone tried Jay Gordon's method of night weaning? How did it work for you? I have a 13-month-old son who not only co-sleeps but who also won't sleep alone (much less in his crib) ever. I go to bed with him at 8-9 pm and can't leave. We want to start working on independent sleep, but I don't see it happening without also night weaning. Would you do both at the same time or first night wean and then crib train? We live in a one-bedroom condo so we will continue room-sharing, just with baby in crib much of the night, hopefully. I'm fine with nursing him early AM and then keeping him in the bad. I just want my evenings back. (And neither my partner nor I are able to handle the hours of hysterical wailing to the point of vomiting that ensue when we leave him alone in the crib so no CIO please.)

Re: Night Weaning & The Crib

  • We still cosleep - we put our old mattress on the floor next to our regular bed around 1year.  I started doing partial night weaning around 18mo?  She's allowed to nurse once per night (twice if situations really warrant, but that is backsliding and can be confusing).  It's worked out fine, though I do lay with her to go to sleep.
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