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I guess toddlers do stop nursing to sleep

Well at least tonight. Hopefully it gives any of you mamas that love BF'ing but may be ready for your toddler to start weaning.

I couldn't believe it tonight when she laid down with me to nurse, tried for a minute or two but basically futzed around rolled over and went to sleep.



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Re: I guess toddlers do stop nursing to sleep

  • Thank you for posting this.  I've been feeling like V will never sleep longer than 3 hours and will never fall asleep without the boob unless I do some sort of training.  I needed this to feel recharged.  Thank you again!
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  • Aww my DS did this a couple weeks ago too! I was completely shocked. Good for you for sticking it out & letting her decide on her own when she was ready :)
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  • Yay! It's always a nice feeling when they do that. My DH had to take over bedtime w my younger son, as nursing him to sleep was taking its toll on me. But now I can pop him off and he'll go back to sleep on his own, so it's a definite improvement.
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