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Just a little annoyed

So less than two weeks ago I made a post about how BM wanted to meet so we could talk and figure out how we were all going to co-parent. She told DH to give her a time that worked best for us. He did and she never responded. A few days went by so he asked her if that time was good or not because he needed to plan ahead. She finally answered saying she was very sick and she would get back to him when she was better. She is too sick to even tell him if the time worked or not? Or to suggest another time? I didn't want to meet in the first place because I don't think anything good will come from it but I really would like to get it over with. Last time she wanted to start to co-parenting DH said he would start talking to her if that is what she wanted and then a few days later he got served. DH thinks it was just a show for the case worker and since we ended up getting our summer visitation she has no need to talk to us...until next summer. I wish she would leave us alone. It's so stressful wondering when CPS or the mail man (to serve DH) is going to come knocking on the door. I hope she really is just sick and that is why she isn't meeting and she gets back to DH soon because I can't take this much longer!

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