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Anyone hiring a doula?

Hi All. I'm considering hiring a doula to help me through labor.  Is anyone else hiring or has already hired a doula?
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Re: Anyone hiring a doula?

  • Check out 

    Im meeting with a few of them and one my ob recommended next week .

  • I'm bringing a friend who is studying to be a midwife. She was going to become a doula, but the process took almost as long as nursing school, so she figured she'd might as well just deliver the baby for that kind of time commitment! She's already working with me on relaxation techniques at 4 months and I think it will be very helpful to have someone I feel extremely comfortable with and whom my husband may have a chance of listening to lol
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  • Hi:

    Contact The Gathering Place in Miami, Florida.

    Is " A place that brings people together during pregnancy, birth and early parenting. . . and provides tools that empower families by giving them information and confidence.

    Founded by Michelle Fonte and Tamara Taitt, The Gathering Place is a community resource center offering professionally-led classes, workshops and peer support groups. Our goal is to foster pregnancy, birth and parenting experiences that are conscious, satisfying and memorable. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our center. Sign up to receive announcements about upcoming classes, workshops and special events! 

    I took that from their website: if you want to know more...good luck in your search!

  • I also recommend contacting the Gathering Place

    They are great and their office is actually a beautiful converted house.

    I didn't have a doula for either of my births but it would have been awesome....not just for me...but for my husband, too.  The moms aren't the only ones working hard during labor and delivery and a doula is there to support the whole process.


    Good luck!

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