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Can't believe I'm asking this question

We have friends who have a son - Chris's only playdate partner, really and we noticed that he wasn't talking other than "yeah" or something approximating that and they had asked us when the dr's became concerned w/ Chris's lack of speech.  18 months.  Their LO is already 27 mos old.  So they talked to their ped and requested a speech eval.  That occurred yesterday.  I haven't heard much but all my husband will say is that it 'opened up a can of worms'.  

How can we support our friends while still giving them space? 

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Re: Can't believe I'm asking this question

  • I think I would just tell them that you are there for them if they want to talk about the evaluation. 
  • I'm surprised they got to 27 months without their ped bringing up the possibility of a speech eval. We've had ds in speech on our own since 13 months just because we knew he was high risk b/c of his birth, but I tend to be very proactive about these things. I would just act normally around them and schedule a next play date. No need to ask about it unless they bring it up if it's uncomfortable for them. I don't mind when people ask us how ds's therapies are going, but he's doing really well. I might feel less comfortable if that wasn't the case, so I think I'd wait for them to open up.

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  • To be honest me too. We were worried at our 12 month appt but the ped said to give it a little more time. At the 18 month visit nothing had changed so we were referred to EI. 

     We're trying to schedule a trip to the zoo soon. Both boys really enjoy it. Thanks for the advice.  

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