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Pleasantly surprised by BM

BM has made her disinterest and disdain for K?s karate pretty obvious for the past year and a half. She doesn?t care about K?s belt tests, doesn?t congratulate her on her achievements, has outright stifled K's excitement about karate and has a terrible attitude about taking K to karate. K has another belt test this Friday and it works out perfectly that it?s during our Summer vacation time with K. We?ll make sure she gets there on time, get her pumped up all day for it and celebrate with her afterwards. K?s really excited for her purple belt.

Yesterday K talked to BM and Gma for a little while. After the phone call K came running up to me and says, "Mommy and Grandma are coming to my belt test on Friday!" and she was visibly excited. Which of course made me even more excited for her. K has figured out that BM doesn?t like the karate and knows she wants no part in it. But having BM say she?s coming to the belt test totally made K?s day. I don?t really care what BM?s motives are, but I?m hoping that she is starting to genuinely care about the things K wants and is interested in.

I know that this doesn?t seem like a huge deal for BM to willingly and voluntarily come to a belt test. But given her attitude about it in the past, I feel like having all of us cheering her on will make K feel even better and more confident about her karate. And if K?s happy and excited, then I?m happy and excited.


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Re: Pleasantly surprised by BM

  • That's great for her! I hope they truly show up. 

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  • That`s a step in the right direction, hope she really shows.
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  • fingers crossed that she actually shows! hopefully gma will at least come and will overshadow BM not coming.  (how awful that we all have such little faith in BM... lol)

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  • I think BM will show up.  I don't believe she would tell K and then blow her off.  I don't know if K brought it up or if BM did, but as awful as this might sound, BM would have just blown her off upfront and said she had to work or something. 

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  • Yay! I hope they show and your SD gets her purple belt!!
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  • That's great. How old is K?
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  • imageLittlejen22:
    That's great. How old is K?

    She's 6 1/2 now. 


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  • That's awesome! I hope BM's motives are good.
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