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outdoor exercise?

well, ladies, i recently moved to the galveston area from the more temperate mid-atlantic/east coast area and i need some advice. 

 i used to walk my dog outdoors everyday for 30-45 minutes, but i'm finding that here the humidity (not to mention mosquitos) is killing me! i get over-heated and tired feeling after 10 minutes, and so i've stopped my walks. do any of you exercise outdoors? any tips? 

 i'm frustrated with working out altogether since i've been pregnant, anyway. early on i was so exhausted so i switched my walks from AM to PM, but evenings sometimes get interrupted, so then i wouldn't walk at all. the pounds are coming on a little too fast (i'm 22 weeks and have gained 20 pounds, most of that before week 19) and so it's important to me to keep working out, so now i've been doing some low impact cardio videos inside. but i miss the walks with my pup!  



Re: outdoor exercise?

  • I find it easiest to walk in the morning before 9:30 before the sun is too hot and the mosquitoes are awful.  Good luck :)
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  • I'm in Beaumont, but born and raised Cape Cod girl. We had a very hard time adjusting when we moved to TX two years ago. I avoid outdoor long walks and activity this time of year. The mall is always a good place to walk in the AC. I also had to break down and join a gym. HTH
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