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Any Good Blogs>FB group for Speech Delay

Hello All,

I am not new to the Nest but to this board. 

My DD has been in speech for about a month now.  She has never repeated words for us. Just picked up words that we say.  She doesn't mimic.

I just would love to connect with others on this issue. My DD has a strong will and very upset with not being able to communicate.  Her aggression and tantrums can last as long as 45 minutes a few times a day on a bad day.

Any ideas of what has helped you Moms would be great.

Is there a private group on FB that you can recommend?

Thank you!! 

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Re: Any Good Blogs>FB group for Speech Delay

  • Not a FB group, but I found this site helpful. You need to wander around it a bit..


    This may be further into things than you are at this point, but it does have some interesting articles


    I also found some interesting videos in Youtube when I entered 'speech therapy'


    There are several speech delayed moms on here. My son is hard of hearing and has a brain abnomality that affects his ability to speak. He cannot get the words out, but knows a lot of sign language. Until he figures out how to make his mouth work we are going that route. We have found the "Signing Time" videos really fun. You can usually check them out of the library.

    Just ask any questions you have and I am sure someone will be able to help you.


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  • I found the blogs at Speechtails.com very helpful!  you might take a look at them. Plus I can message the SLP and she actually talks to me!

    Good Luck!!

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  • take a look at www.littletalkers.com. It has lots of free videos you can watch on how to promote language and speech sounds. I say first try the early sounds video- p, b, m and Comment vs. Question, a baby signs video and language modeling video. Those have good ideas/information
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