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Sleeping (not...)

Anyone's 2.5 year old NOT sleeping thru the night?  My DD has never been a great sleeper, but she finally got to the point where she was sleeping from about 9-5, which was great, however, in the last 6 months or so, she's been waking up around 2am, and 4am, and wanting milk at least once.  I thought maybe it was a growth spurt, because I think all of her molars are in, but I can't figure out why she's suddenly doing this all over again. She tends to eat okay in the evening and eats well during the day, so I'd think she would be okay through the night.  I've tried night lights, music, etc. in her room, but nothing works.  Has anyone tried the white noise machines on a 2 year old?  Ideas?

Re: Sleeping (not...)

  • Too hot/cold???

    C wakes up and instantly wants to come to our bed if he wakes up in the middle of the night.  I've found if he stays snuggled in his blanket, he doesn't wake up as much.


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  • Maybe, I've tried fan, no fan, more blankies, etc.  When I go in to check on her/cover her up, etc.  she immediately wakes up, so that's a hard one too.
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