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I know people choose names for a variety of reasons. I am a little embarrassed to have DD home and not feel as ease with the name Rebecca over Isabella. For the longest time I Iet "popularity bother me" but also since we live in NY thought that the name might have too much of an ethnic or cultural stereotype given our Italian last name. I am Irish,Polish, Swedish and DH is Italian (but not strict old school Italian) . At first he really liked Isabella because of the fantastic flow and it soundsd pretty. I then got to thinking that it might be too old school Italian sounding or the first name also being of Spanish origin the same thing. He agreed and felt the same way. If it not were for our last name "Verdi" then it might not be so bad.  I came up with Rebecca  and we both like it but feel saddened the fact that we did not put Isabella down because of the whole stereotype ethnic thing. He felt that Rebecca, although not as nice as the flow of Isabella was much better than Elizabeth (another one of my choices). It ends in a vowel, is classic but not overused like Elizabeth, does sound pretty and we like Becca as a NN. . Has anyone been in this position when it came to choosing a name?

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  • Um.. .so your daughter is already here and now you're second guessing?

    Don't.  It's a lovely name.  And what's more.. it's HER name.  Time to embrace it... own it.

    Now if your daughter is not yet born.. I think you're overthinking.  But if you don't love the name, pick another.  There are a million girl names out there.

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  • I would take Rebecca over Isabella personally, but I did not want a popular name for DD.  I don't want her to be one of five kids in her first grade class with the same name (which is why she did not get named Emma, which I've always loved but would not use because it's been in the top ten for so long).  Just a personal preference. 

    It's not like you gave her a crazy made-up name that is truly regret-worthy.  Rebecca is lovely and you have your pick of Becca or Becky or even Beck as nicknames, so pick whichever one of those you like best and go with it! 

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  • Thanks ..I think I am settled now...
  • I did. My oldest, Cathal (ka-HUL), has an irish name that, even amongst america-irish is not that well known.  I couldn't call him by his name for the first 6 weeks or so.  But now, the name suits him, he is individual and so is his name! The hardest part I have is getting people to understand him when he says it.

    I hope you come to enjoy the name or find a nickname you do. 

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