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Update: Thinking about another one

 I just wanted to thank you all for your advice.  I have been thinking about this for a while, I just thought the timing was off but the timing will never be perfect.  So I took the plunge and after LO went down for the night we talked.  I didn?t mention anything about my family because I wanted to stick to the point about why I really wanted to have another baby and reasons I thought it should be now.  He wasn?t surprised when I first told him.  He said that he had been thinking about it too because he knew having another one close in age was important to me but he was concerned about the finances and how we could pull it off.  He also told me he was a little nervous about how we would manage raising two little ones back to back and in such a tiny house (we only have 2 bedrooms and with the housing market the way it is we can?t refinance or move any time soon).  He said he knows people do it and proceeded to name his friends who have LO?s close in age. 

We talked about it for a long time and came to the conclusion that he needed a little longer to get use to the idea of having another baby.  He knew if we were to have one, it would have to be sooner than later.   He said that between now and our anniversary (we?re on #7 in September) we will continue to talk about it.  So there you have it.  I feel a little better knowing that it?s out there now.  Thanks again for everyone who responded.

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Re: Update: Thinking about another one

  • Whatever yall decide will be the right choice. But, dont let money fears pish tou inup a choice you'll regret. Just a little food for thought from someone who did: 

    If you until you can afford a baby, you'll never have one. The cost is killer in the first 10years. It's why I decided not to start over when DD hit 5. Suddenly, it was all 10, when there was no more say care, it was AWESOME. I regret that now, and wish I'd had them closer.

    A two bedroom house is fine for two kids. My sister and her husband have their two kids share a room, boy and girl 2&5. IF they're different sexes, it'll be a problem when DD hits puberty. But, of they're same sex, it can go until they leave the nest. In fact, they may enjoy at times. My mother and sister shared a room until mother eloped. They're BFFs and three years apart. 

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    Glad it went well and that you're communicating. Good luck with your mututal decision.
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  • I didn't see your original post, but I just wanted to pipe in and say that I think sharing a room can work.  I know that I did, and so did lots of kids I grew up with, although the expectations for kids to have their own rooms seems greater now.  Not sure what to do if the kids are different genders, once they get a little older, but you can always cross that bridge when you come to it.  It's great that you've decided to grow your family!  That's the important thing, isnt it? :)
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