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Shoreview Daycare recs

I am due in December and looking for recommendations for a daycare in or very near to Shoreview.  I am only recently looking as my aunt, who had done daycare for years and I love, is full for infants.  I am devistated and not sure where to begin.

Thanks for any thoughts! 

Re: Shoreview Daycare recs

  • My parent's live close by to Jenny's Place (I think that's what she calls it) off of Hodgson and Tanglewood (east side).  Not sure if she has any openings, but I've always been impressed with how she handles the kids.  She usually has a sign up in front of the house if she has openings. 
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  • We go to Sherrie & Robert Besser (in home).  She is so successful that she actually has two homes and a staff.  Obviously, we are "using up" her infant spot in one of the homes, but perhaps she will have room at the second house in 2013. I don't know:)  Both houses are in Shoreview.

    For us, it was the perfect combo of in-home prices with a center-type atmosphere (ie: similar to a preschool and more than one person watching our kiddo).


    Their info is on this childcare website: https://childcarecenter.us/minnesota_homecare/shoreview_mn_city 

    Good luck!   

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