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Manchester-area moms of multiples?

We're expecting twins in January and I'd love to get birth and newborn-related info from mamas of multiples, especially anyone who is familiar with DHMC and the Mom's Place. I'm also thinking about hiring a doula if I can find someone who has particular experience with twins. Any recs? Thanks!
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Re: Manchester-area moms of multiples?

  • Nini Bambini is a little baby boutique type place just over the Manchester line in Bedford. A couple women who work there are doulas including the owner - they often have free meet the doulas sessions and I believe they have a multiples group every other week. I bet you could connect with some people through there!

    I delivered both my kids at the Moms Place at CMC and had a very positive experience. Obviously you have a different situation, but I've toured the special care nursery where a lot of the multiples go. It's really nice and I'm pretty sure they can still room in!

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  • If I can weigh in here (since I'm originally from Manchester) here's my opinion:

    I'm expecting twins in January also (so congrats!) and if I lived in the Manchester/Bedford area, I would most definitely deliver at Elliot as opposed to CMC. I have a family member who worked at CMC, and even she recommended her daughter in law deliver at Elliot. They have a NICU, which is a level III nursery, and even though twins may not be considered "high-risk" all the time, you definitely would want to be at a hospital with a NICU just in case.

    Again, this is my opinion, but I have also have two friends who work at Elliot and they will only deliver there. I think that speaks volumes for a hospital if their own employees want to deliver their babies there. I don't know much about DHMC, although my thoughts would be to choose a hospital close to home. If anything happens, you want your babies going to Children's Hospital Boston anyway. Save yourself the 45 minutes drive. Good luck!

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  • Hello,

    I delivered my twins at Elliot Hospital so I can't comment on CMC.   

    My OB (Manchester OB) sent me to DHMC-Manchester to see Dr. Johnson in the maternal-fetal medicine department after seeing something odd in my ultra-sound.   Dr. Johnson saw us the next day and sent us to Elliot right then to deliver my twins at 30w6d due to some complications.    Twins are automatically "high risk" so you will probably have to see Dr. Johnson or his team at some point.    

    There is a Mothers of Multiples group in Nashua that includes the greater Nashua area that is very active.

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