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    I responded to your post on the IF/3T board (I forget which one) but wanted to post here as well. I am from NH originally but was living and got treated in Boston at the time I was going through IF. It is very difficult so I can sympathize with your struggle. I too was dx'd as annovulatory with atypical PCOS. My issue was not making eggs, which I have plenty of (and I'm assuming you do too) but that they will never mature to the point of being viable eggs - plus they'll never release on their own. I was treated at Brigham & Womens with Dr. Ashby. However I do know Exeter Hospital has a satellite office with the Brigham, yet I'm not sure of your location. I was very impressed with the Brigham. They were my second RE's office - I went to Mass General first and was unhappy with the doctors and staff.

    B&W got me pregnant on my third month trying with them - the doctor was very minimalist in the sense that she didn't recommend IVF off the bat like other doctors did. My BFP cycle was Clomid 100mg + ovidrel trigger + timed intercourse and I became pregnant with twins, due in January. Luckily, PCOS is an easier issue to treat than things like DOR, uterine abnormalities, etc. Good luck - I know this is not an easy time for you but please keep hope. Feel free to PM me if you'd like!

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