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location for homework completion

Where does your upper elementary child do homework? 
We have welcomed a 9 and 11 y/o in our home (foster > adopt).  For now, I think they will complete most homework assignments at the dining table and counter bar (while the TV is off and other distractions are minimal).  They have space in their bedrooms for desks, but I'm not sure how much they'll be used.  I never used a desk but worked on my bed instead.

I'm just curious about what others may do.  TIA!

Re: location for homework completion

  • My 9 y/o does her homework at the island in the kitchen. Minimal distractions, and I'm right there cooking supper if she gets stuck and needs a bit of help.

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  • Congrats on the addition to your family!

    My kids will be 8 (2nd grade) and 12 (7th grade) this school year.  The 8 y/o does his hw at the coffee table in the living room, or sometimes at the dining room table.  My 12 y/o does her hw at the counter between our kitchen and our living room, or on the computer in the living room if she has writing.

    I really like being within earshot and sight of them while they work.  I fold laundry and fix dinner nearby while they do schoolwork.  (Or do my own "homework" -- grading papers!)  My oldest sometimes goes back to her room if she needs to concentrate.  I started allowing her to do this last year, when middle school homework became more demanding.  I only allowed this because I knew she had the ability to stay focused and get the work done.  DS is not ready to work that independently yet, so he's stuck at the coffee table.

    We don't turn on the TV in the afternoon/evening at all.  Once homework is done, they can play together, go outside, read, or play 30 minutes of computer or Nintendo DS.  On Friday, all bets are off.  They can play all the video and computer games they want. 

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  • I have an 11 & 9 y.o. and they do their homework either on the kitchen table or we have a formal dining room that is a separate room with doors and sometimes they will go in there to do their homework or study.  TV is not viewable from either rooms.
  • Island in the kitchen or dining room table.
  • My kids are little still so homework has mainly been things like writing out letters/numbers but they always do it either at the kitchen table or stools at the island or at their small art table which is in our dining/living room right next to the kitchen.  Growing up most of my homework was done at the kitchen table or in my bedroom.  I did have a desk but don't recall actually using it much unless I needed to type something (yes, I am old and used a typewriter and not a computer back in the day).
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  • Dining room table for my stepkids (12 and 10).  Also they have to do it right after school short of a few minutes for a snack.  My husband and I are both teachers so all four of us get home around the same time, hubby does homework with kids, goes through backpacks, signs assignment notebooks etc. while I make dinner.  No matter where you do homework or when you do it the important thing is to have a routine and stick to it!
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  • BTW-thank you for being the wonderful kind of person that takes in older foster children.  You are about to change two lives!
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    My daughter has a desk in her room but she only uses it for crafts or letter writing.  She does her homework at the kitchen table while I'm getting dinner ready. Definitely being within earshot is helpful.

    I don't remember actually having homework until junior high and at that point I did use my desk in my room, unless I was stuck on math or science and my Dad was helping me.  Then it was the kitchen table together.

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  • My soon to be 12 and 13 year olds do their homework in their rooms at their desks. But the way it works for us it's kind of a treat. It shows that we can trust them to be responsible enough to get their homework done without playing without us having to keep an eye on them. The privilege has been temporarily revoked a time or two.
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