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Aspen Park in Winston-Salem

My husband and I are going to be moving to Winston-Salem in the next few weeks ((last minute change of plans to attend Wake Forest)) After we made the final decision, I got my BFP and thanks to the suggestions below, made an appt with Lyndhurst OB/Gyn. 

 I wanted to see if anyone knew about condo/townhome/apartment rentals near Wake Forest University. We have seen a few ads, but do not know the area at all. Anyone know anything about Aspen Park?


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  • I'm not familiar with that place, but just wanted to say be really careful over there looking at places. I worked at Wake for a couple of years and there's a really good area on one side of campus and a really really not good side on the other side (closer to the football stadium area). Just be sure you check it out Smile
  • Thanks! That is definitely good to know! We are coming from New Jersey and know absolutely nothing about the area. Also, there doesn't seem to be any ratings about this particular complex, maybe thats a bad thing. I'm gonna check on the map and see where it is in relation to the campus, I know its across the street practically but not sure which side. So we try to stay away from the football stadium area? Thanks!

    Do you, or anyone, know relatively close by complexes (within walking distance or Wake shuttle service). We have a few names that the university gave us, but other than that we don't know much else. Plus most close by areas are probably rented out already since orientation starts in a month. This was a surprise last minute acceptance so the ball is rolling extremely fast now!

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  • I don't know that name, but I did help DH choose his apartment back in the day and he lived at the Co.rners at Cry.stal Lake off of Reynol.da Rd. when he was in law school.  Good luck!
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  • I live in WS, but haven't head of Aspen Park.  Sorry.

    Do you have some others you are looking at and I could possibly tell you about those.
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  • Thanks for the responses! The school sent us a list of areas that are serviced by the shuttle, which is key since we only have one car. Corners at Crystal Lake was one of those (thanks PP), that we were going to check out. There was also Deacon Ridge, Alaris Village, and the Crownes (Park, Oak, and Polo). Any information on any of these would be wonderful! Oh, we also have 2 cats, so some place that is pet friendly. We aren't really picky on location persay, but at the same time we want some place clean and friendly and definitely not sketchy. Chances are I'll be home alone most of the time (till I find a job, fingers crossed) and I just found out I'm pregnant (the morning after we made our final decision to move down) so I would be due end of March, so its important its a good area, as I'm sure you all understand.

    Thanks so much!

  • My husband lived at The Corners during law school. He had a first level apartment which was nearly underground. I honestly don't think that would be my first choice with a baby on the way. There are a lot of Wake Students there though, both undergraduate and graduate students.

    I think the Crownes are supposed to be nice, but are more expensive. Deacon Ridge is townhomes and condos I think. We visited plenty of friends there and I thought they were very nice.



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  • The Corners @ Crystal Lake are nice.  And I like Deacon Ridge as well.  Both are pretty close to campus.  I don't think you could go wrong with either.

    Will you have an opportunity to come down and check them out before you move?
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  • Thanks! Yes, we are starting to head out today and have some appts set up to view some places tomorrow. We need to make a quick decision obviously since school starts in a few weeks and we wanna be there for a few days at least to get acquainted with the new area. Hopefully one of the places we have lined up to see will be good! Any other advice for New Jersey transports to Winston Salem?
  • Late on this I know, but I grew up in Winston alhtough I dont know much about the wake campus etc. But all good advice from these ladies :) They will be a great source once you get settled as well. GL on the move and Congrats on your Pregnancy! 

    Im also due in March! 

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  • I live in Winston...  we lived at Crowne Club when we first moved here (for residency).  We liked it.  
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  • Thanks so much for all the replies! We found a condo in Deacon Ridge and will be moving Wednesday. Thanks again!
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