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Thoughts & Prayers for a local family

Just wanted to ask all of you to keep a local family in your thoughts and prayers (if it applies to your lifestyle). A couple that I went to high school with, and happens to be my cousin's BIL and his wife, lost their baby yesterday while she was at the babysitter's. She was born the same day as our TeddyBear- so I always felt some weird bond with them, and my heart just breaks for them. They found out today that she spit up in her sleep and it suffocated her ?? It is just so awful, and I can't imagine the hurt they feel right now. My cousin said her BIL is very angry at God and her SIL was in shock. I just can't stop thinking about them, and hope that you'll keep them in your prayers. Thanks!
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Re: Thoughts & Prayers for a local family

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