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OB recommendations (northside)

Hi, ladies! (And congrats to you all, btw!) Smile

My name is Amber, and I'm a newbie (lurker for a little while and just now posting). I'm still very early in my first pregnancy (we just found out, actually; I'm right over four weeks along now), but I'm really wanting to find an OB quickly, so I can get the ball rolling with scheduling my first appointment (even though it'll be a few weeks out, no doubt). And...I'm finding it a bit daunting!

Here's what I'd prefer:

  • Someone with an office location on the northside or northeast, or not TOO terribly far from there (I live in Castleton).
  • Someone who is supportive of natural/low-intervention birth.
  • Preferably (I think?) someone with privileges at Methodist or Community (the two hospitals that I've been hearing really good things about thus far).

Any ideas? For that matter, how did you choose your OB? Did you choose OB first, or hospital first and then OB based on that?

I'd love some input. Thanks, everyone!

Re: OB recommendations (northside)

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    I can't be much help for either of those two locations, but I'd probably pick Community North over Methodist.  

    I delivered at IU North and had a really great experience there.  My OB's office was located in the hospital, it's called Women's Health Alliance.  I had planned on doing everything naturally and everyone there was very knowledgeable and supportive of that decision, but unfortunately my little guy had other plans (had to be induced at 2 weeks overdue).  The delivery rooms are really nice - jacuzzi tubs, birthing balls and squatting bars are all available for anyone going the natural route.

    I chose my OB first - I started going to them way before I ever considered starting a family.  I've always been really happy with them.


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  • I can't speak about the natural/low-intervention, but someone who was highly recommended to me who delivers at Community North is Amy Hayes at VIA Obgyn.  I think their offices are in Fishers.  A friend of mine had a really rough pregnancy last time around and said this dr. was 100% wonderful for her.  I never pursued a visit with her because it's kind of far for me to drive, among other things.

    I am delivering at IU North too, like some of the other ladies.  I had really really REALLY wanted to go to Community North for a lot of reasons, but ended up really loving my dr. recommended to me by my family physician who also happens to be in the IU North building.  I like that this dr. doesn't induce unless somebody (mom or baby) is threatened.  The more I learned about the hospital though, the more comfortable I felt with it - the maternity ward is so nice, over half the rooms have whirlpool tubs (at Community North you have to rent one for I think $200 and they only have 2 for the whole hospital).  IU North also doesn't routinely do episiostomies, which was something I was afraid I was going to have to fight against, they have bars available, and even the way they might do an IV is really not restrictive - they put a port in so if they ever do need to hook up to something, they can without poking you again, but if you're not on an IV you can still walk around away from the bed. 

    Sorry if that is not helpful information, but I just found IU North was a better fit than I first realized, and there's also a really awesome study they're involved in for first-time moms called NuMom2Be - at the end, you get a free carseat, among a lot of other perks too.  Might at least be food for thought!

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  • Thanks so much, ladies, for the help! I really appreciate it! : )
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