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uggg things breaking whine

So I just need to whine for a minute.

I own a wedding photography business and have had 2 pieces of equipment break in the last 5 days! First one of my lights went up in smoke (literally) at a wedding reception. Today my main hard drive went bad (and yes it was backed up) and right in the middle of writing this post a client called to tell me that her 20x30 wall art was damaged when it was dropped shipped to her.

Thank god my lab is rushing a replacement to her. So on the up side the wall art issue is fixed. I am smart enough to have my hard drive backed up but it is costing a little bit to replace the drive. Also my studio light is unfixable and need replaced and it isn't worth claiming it on insurance.  

Boo this is turning into an expensive week!!! 

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Re: uggg things breaking whine

  • Well, if bad things happen in multiples of three like a lot of people say, then you've met your quota for a while! Sorry about your equipment, though -- that sucks.


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  • km3km3 member

    I totally feel your pain!  All that broken stuff at once has to be really frustrating, and expensive.  I hope your "broken" streak is over!!!

    This morning we realized our pool pump isn't working, so I put in a call for someone to come out to look at it.  I got to work and someone left some broken audio equipment on my desk for me to figure out.  And then I got home and the AC is out again! 

    We had the AC worked on last week cause it caught fire in the attic one night.  This will be the 4th time this summer to have it worked on.  The pool pump was replaced 6 weeks ago. These repeat offenders have got to knock it off!


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  • Wishing you nothing but the best of luck until delivery!!
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  • I can really empathize! Our TV and the PS3 broke last week (first world problems, I know).  Here's to draining the pocketbooks just weeks before LOs are due...

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