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Anyone read Babywise 2 to introduce solids?

I read the first Babywise book when I was pregnant and we have done it from day one. I absolutely love it! LO takes three 1.5-2 hour naps a day and sleeps 11-12 hours every night since 4 months old, and he goes down awake every time. He's almost 6 months and I would like to introduce solids,and I would like to stick to the Babywise routine since it has worked so well for us. However, I work full time, and really don't have time to read another book about it. Anyone who has read it want to summarize where to begin with solid feedings?

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Re: Anyone read Babywise 2 to introduce solids?

  • We did BW from the beginning too. I read BW2 as well. Basically it just says nurse first, then solids. It also says to start with one feeding of solids, then go to two feedings, then eventually three. BW says to start with yellow veggies then green veggies, then intro fruits. Our pedi recommended green veggies first then yellows. That's what we did. As far as sticking on schedule, that part wasn't hard. He is still in a combo 3.5-4 hour schedule right now. Our day usually looks like this. 

    8:00 wake up/nurse

    10:00 nap

    Noon nurse/solids

    2:00 nap

    4:00 nurse/solids

    6:30 catnap

    7:00 up/play

    7:30 nurse/solids

    Hope that helps. Also, would be a helpful resource and a quick read. :)  

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