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nightstand in nursery?

Hello all. Anyone plan to or have a nightstand in their nursery? I was considering one to have something by the glider to set items on but not sure how much use I will get out of it. I plan on BF sagain so it wont be used for bottles. Just wondered if having another surface would be helpful for anything else. Thanks for your thoughts?
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Re: nightstand in nursery?

  • FTM here, so I can't speak to whether it'll actually be useful, but we put a nightstand next to the chair in our nursery.  It has a drawer that I stuffed full of burp cloths & receiving blankets, and then a shelf below where I put some of the books that we bought for her.  I put a dim lamp on the top and also figured I may want somewhere to set a glass of water, etc.
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  • I think it's good to have something next to the glider to set things on. A nightstand would be fine but something simple would work too.  We have a small round wooden table that looks nice and fits easily.
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  • Definitely have one by the chair you plan to nurse in. You'll want a place to put your phone, water, etc.
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  • I have a nightstand next to the glider. I keep our bedtime books, a lamp, small clock and extra pacis there. For me it is a must have.
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  • We have a nightstand and a dresser in the nursery with the glider by the dresser. I set stuff on it ALL the time. It's definitely necessary to have something there to set your phone, bottle, book, magazine, burp cloths, etc, on .
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  • Yes you are going to want something, whether it's a night stand or something else, but you will need something. We had a bookshelf, since glider was in the corner and it was essential.


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  • dojo1dojo1 member

    My glider is next to ds's dresser and it is essential for me to have a space to put a glass of water, a book or my iPad on.  Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without it... Especially when I was pumping.  I love that I can prop my iPad up ad watch YouTube videos or bump while bf ing in the motn.  So in sum, I would find a night table useful, but it's obviously not necessary for me.  

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  • Our glider is adjacent to a dresser/changing table and toy box, which works great. I wouldn't get anything too elaborate.

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  • We have a small little table I got at Target for like $20. It was good for setting the pump on, a bottle, burp cloth, etc. Now we use it to set books on (we only keep 5 or 6 books out at a time and the rest are on built in shelves in the closet b/c DS drags EVERY.SINGLE.ONE out if given the chance).

  • Yes.  Have one.  It is useful for a multitude of reasons and takes up very little room.

    We had a lamp and some iPhone speakers on ours. Nice to have a place to put a glass of water since you are so thirsty all the time. 

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  • I'm planning on having one, I'm thinking of using it for a lamp, something for me to drink, maybe a clock(alarm *** or one you can see in the dark), to put a book or magazine on to read while nursing, a place to set my phone. I think it has many possibilities as long as you think you'll be in there enough & need some/all of the above mentioned things
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  • Yes like others said you will use it. A lamp is nice so you can have low light for night time feedings.
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  • KarmBKarmB member
    We have one next to the gloder. in the drawer is extra recieving blankets & burp clothes. On top is her monitor and lady bug night light


  • We have one and I don't know what I would've done without it.

    It sits beside the glider. In the early weeks, I always had a big glass of water sitting there because I was always thirsty when nursing. I would also keep snacks on it.

    I still use it a lot to this day.

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  • We got one that matches her dresser. I'll use it now beside the rocker, and then she'll use it when we convert the crib to a bed.
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  • Yes. We didn't start with one but went and got one quickly. Like pps said.. You will use it a lot.
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  • I found 2 old nightstands and spray painted them funky colors for our nursery.  All of the other furniture is white, and they nightstands are the pop of color.  You will definitely want something next to the glider to hold phone, water, feeding essentials (bottles, pump parts, nursing pads, etc.).  We also had a touch lamp from Pottery Barn kids on the table and a small radio.    We use the second nightstand next to the small dresser/changing table.  It holds a basket with diapers and diaper changing stuff.  
  • Yep, I put a small table next to the rocking chair.  I figured it will be useful to set my cell phone if I need to take it in there with me, or something to drink, the baby monitor, little things like that.  It will also have a lamp on it. 
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  • We have the matching ottoman to our glider and plan on using that to place any items when moving baby around (burp cloth, bottle, etc).  We use the dresser for stationary things like the lamp, monitor, etc.

  • Thank you for the responses and ideas!
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  • I got a cheap table at IKEA. It's a good height and holds his noise machine, a stack of books and burp cloths.
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  • hmp1hmp1 member
    We have one in both nurseries. The set up is the same in both rooms: chair, nightstand/table, crib. We have a dim lamp, sound machine, and a few books on the nightstand. We have been reading a book or two before bed since DS started sleeping in his crib at 4 weeks. It is part of his bedtime routine and I like having the table there. It was also nice to have a place to put my phone and glass of water when I was nursing.

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