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Gotta get on a boat today

Today is going to be a very emotional day. My DH, his family, and I are going to spread his Dad's ashes. I had originally been planning to stay home and DH said he was fine with it. But a few nights ago when he came to bed he was talking to me about some issues his Dad's death has brought up for him.

So fast forward a couple days I decided that I can not just stay home, he does  not like to ask for help and shuts down when things are too emotional. So I will spend my afternoon on a fishing boat (the smell is going to make me hurl), with a bunch of people who are still mourning, while I'm in major pevlic pain. It will be an interesting day. The things we do for those we love. Hope everyone has a great day.
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Re: Gotta get on a boat today

  • I am sorry for your loss. I hope today is as smooth as it can be!
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  • miss50miss50 member

    I'm sorry you have to do this today.  These are one of those situations you agreed to in your vows.  I am sure he will very greatful for you being his "rock" today.  

    This was one of my DH's hardest times.  I know he appreciated me being there, just to be there.   


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  • thanks everyone for the support. it went surprisingly well. My MIL was understandably a mess but DH handled it well. For me, other then getting on and off the fishing boat, it was amazing. I have always loved the ocean and haven't spent much time on it since becoming a mom. I feel kind of bad that I enjoyed the trip when everyone else found it so sad.

    The baby also seemed to enjoy the trip as he/she was very active on the way out and has been very quiet since we spread the ashes. There may just be another fishermen coming from this family yet.

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