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VEGANAISE...Where have you been?

I know it has been a while since I posted here. Dear son is okay. We were scheduled for allergy testing at 18 months, but that was derailed by a series of ear and sinus infections and we had to use antihistimines and antibiotics to clear them up. We are now slated to go for testing in a few months. Please let him be clear and off medications! Anywho, I am just finding out about Veganaise mayo. OMG, that stuff is FANTASTIC. They have soy free and organic varieties. I am so glad that DS can have a sandwich with a little spread on it now. Did you ladies know about this and was holding out on me? lol Anyway, just wanted to share. I made tuna salad with it, sandwiches, and even used it in a cup cake recipe that called for mayo which came out GREAT. The cupcakes were moist and tasted yummy. Anyone else found a vegan or allergy free product that they love?




Re: VEGANAISE...Where have you been?

  • Sunbutter is made at a NON peanut plant and tastes awesome.  You just can't be allergic to sunflower.  My DH says it tastes remarkably like peanut butter (I wouldn't know because am allergic to peanuts). 
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