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22 Weeks Pregnant

when did your Belly button pop out

Just curious, if your belly button has started to become flat or more shallow lately. or with a previous pregnancy when it became an outie (if at all)

Re: when did your Belly button pop out

  • Mine popped out last week-end when I was 21 week pregnant, but it started flatening weeks ago.
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  • FTM and @ 22 weeks mine is very shallow.  I'm expecting it 2 pop any day.
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  • I'm now 22wks and 1d my belly button started changing when i hit wk 19, hasn't popped out yet but it is flattening. This is my second child and things seem to be moving way faster than my first as far as me showing and being able to feel the bby move. All smiles and just cant wait to meet him!!!!!Big Smile



  • I'm 22 weeks and mine is just about ready to pop. I've always had a SUPER innie. Never even seen the inside of my BB & I'm almost 30 yrs old. Lol. But I can see it now. Amazing! I'll say it'll be completely out within a week.
  • With my first daughter it didn't come out at all and no movement to an outie this time yet!
  • Mine has been flattening for several weeks now. I'm 22 weeks and I expect it to go any day now. So strange to see it. 

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  • im waiting, 22 weeks, the middle is starting to come out a little, i kinda want to pop it out myself, ahh it totally looks like the end of a hotdog link.
  • 22 weeks 3 days and mine is becoming very shallow. I expect it to pop out and I play with it all the time now because I'm noticing the changes lol. I hope it pops out right after my wedding. I am getting married this Saturday and I am looking forward to the outtie but don't want to sport that look in my dress.
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