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I'm back after a little break - changes coming

Work has been totally crazy and then my family went on a weeks vacation.  Work seems to be settling back down so hopefully I will be on more now.  Vacation was great, the kids had a blast.  Hard to believe we are in the middle of summer - my little one keeps asking me when she starts PreK (8 weeks from tomorrow) and my big girl will start kindy that day as well. 

My sister is moving out of stat - about 9-10 hour drive away.  I am so sad as are my girls as we see my sister and her family a lot.  She is my BFF and my biggest support system.  DH's family is in town but its not the same, his sisters and I do not have a close relationship and our lives are just very different.  We see them but they are not people I could call in a pinch to help with the kids.  My ILs used to be great with that but that has changed - they are getting older, less reliable and just having a lot of issues.  This will be a huge adjustment.  My BIL got a new job - they will be living in a great area, they bought an amazing new house and they are all very excited and sad at the same time.  We are already planning some visits for the next year although once they move on the 23rd, we won't see them until Thanksgiving but hoping we can plan to visit some how (meeting halfway, at my parents or at either of our locations) every few months.  We shall see.

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Re: I'm back after a little break - changes coming

  • That stinks that your sister is moving away.  I wish my brother lived closer so our girls could be closer (like we were with our cousins growing up).  He's only about an hour and a half away though so it's easier for us to get together.  Hope you can meet up sooner than Thanksgiving!

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  • So sorry my sister is my biggest support too so I can understand how you feel. I hope the new adventure works out for everyone.
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