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losing baby weight

Hi all,

Did anyone join a bootcamp or what have yall done to lose some (if not all) of your baby weight??? I am done looking down and my belly, even though LO loves to cuddle on it.....advice please.........

Re: losing baby weight

  • Breastfeeding is what helped me lose the weight, but I walked with baby in the stroller until it got too hot.  It was hard to find time to exercise without him.  I did recently get a video from Amazon "Walk Away the Pounds" which I think will be good for days that we can't go outside.  LO would not let me do it by myself so I had to hold him the whole time.  Maybe your LO would let you do something like that.  I would start slowly.  If you are breastfeeding strenuous exercise can impace milk production and in some cases cause clogged milk ducts.  HTH
  • I'm lost the baby weight but still have another 30-40 pounds to go. Haven't started anything yet. It's far too hot to go walking once baby is ready for the day. I need to pick out some kind of video or something. I just don't know which one to choose.
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