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Random question about ring slings..

Just a random question.  I love my ring sling and I get comments on it every time I am using it. What design do you ladies prefer?

 For me, I chose a material that I liked for me and did not have anything to do with the gender of my LO.   What about you? :)

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Re: Random question about ring slings..

  • I picked one I liked. It's got butterflies on it. I get a lot of "I wish I'd had one of those" from older moms.
  • I've gotten lots of compliments on mine too.  Its a soft grey-green with this tail accent.  Designer Tail Accents: Jane Sassaman
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  • Thanks for responding! :) 

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  • I picked a pink and brown paisley pattern that I love. Like a PP, I get a lot of "that's so cool" from older moms.
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  • MarseeMarsee member
    I got a drab gray one in hopes that DH would wear it. He wants nothing to do with it. I wish I had gotten something that I really liked. However, it does match nearly everything I wear, so there's an upside.
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  • I knew I wanted a wrap conversion and my favorite I've seen was the Gira snow rainbow. When it came up on the swap, I jumped on it and bought it. I love it, snow rainbow is by far my favorite rainbow and nothing beats wrap conversions as far as slings go..they are incredibly supportive, even for toddlers!  I have a Gira summer sun on preorder and will convert that to a rs as well when it comes. 
  • We have the Maya Wrap and I got it in the burnt orange because I just freaking loved the color. It's a huge plus too that it's gender neutral but that isn't why I chose it. I'm going to get another probably in a light pink or that really light green because I've been feeling like it's really dark for summer time.
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  • I have 3 different ones. One is really light weight and great for the heat. One is off-white and the other a blue-green, darker color. (All hand-me-downs.) Early on, I matched things to outfits (along with my orange Moby), but now I just like having a sling available in different places for when I need it.

    I get comments all the time, too! Didn't realize it was so unusual. 

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  • I would love to get a beautiful color or pattern but I have crazy OCD about things matching and so I'd have problems wearing a plum purple sling with a yellow dress, sadly, so I got white/cream colored linen for my sling. I admire everyone else's pretty slings though!
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  • I have two, a Didysling in cornflower (I think, blues and yellows) and a Northern Lights wrap conversion (this is for out if the house). I've gitten lots if complements and one "thats very African".
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