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why am i suddenly 'following' random ppl on pinterest?

I just noticed this week that I appear to be following a few new random ppl I don't know & have not signed up to follow so their stuff is showing up on my main was showing up so much so I went to her page & I was listed as only 'following' about 50% of her boards AND she has 90,000+ followers which makes me think something weird is going on. I 'unfollow'ed all of them but just wondering how that happens.

Anyone else have this happen?

Re: why am i suddenly 'following' random ppl on pinterest?

  • That happened to me when I signed up, Pinterest decided that based on my interests I would like to follow certain people. I don't know why it would decide to do that after the initial sign-up process though.
    Lilypie - (8zJg)Lilypie - (Eu83)
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