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Anyone else having bad anxiety?

I'm sort of an anxious person by default, but birth control pills always keep it in check.  I'm around 8 weeks now and am starting to get very anxious in the evenings.  Sometimes I'll even wake up with a start in the middle of the night and have to get up and walk a bit or go to the restroom to get the startled feeling to go away. 

My fears mostly revolve around sort of feeling trapped in my own body.  I know it sounds silly, but the idea of getting really big and not being able to get away from my own, bloated body kind of scares me!  Will I be able to breath when baby crushes my diaphragm? Will I feel sick and exhausted all the time?

Does anyone else feel like this and have you come up with any good coping mechanisms?  I don't regularly work out and am waiting for my first appointment (18 July) to chat with my doctor about this stressed out feeling and to get the ok to do prenatal yoga and start a workout routine--which I hope will help with the anxiety.

Re: Anyone else having bad anxiety?

  • I'm sorry to hear it.  I'm not having the anxiety but I am a person who thrives on routine and stability.  I kind of understand the idea of being trapped in your body--I've always been a very thin person and some of my coworkers called me out about being pregnant around 10 weeks (which was definitely no more than 3 pounds gained) and I have high cholesterol and I just had two knee surgeries this year so I was ever vigilant not to gain weight before and during the surgery/recovery process. 

    Ok so....

    As for gaining weight, I only get weighed at the doctors office and I'm going to let them tell me how I'm doing with my weight.  I'm not going to "eat for two" but if I'm hungry I'm going to eat and I"m trying to make sure to not keep too many temptations at home.  Also, I bought a new water bottle to encourage me to drink more water.  I've found that ice water tastes better than regular water but that's just me. 

    I've pretty much always had a workout routine or schedule so they told me that I could continue and just  do what I do.  I'll admit it's been super hard to get to the gym sometimes because I've been so tired or working in buildings that have partial air conditioning or it's just too dang hot.  It's my guess that your doctor will be fine with working out/yoga.  I do find that working out helps me sleep and all kinds of other benefits. 

     As for sickness, that's individual to the person.  I had morning sickness through about 16 weeks but not everyday.  I didnt know what was going to happen every morning.  So I had to build in some extra time to my morning routine, put crackers by my bed at night so they would be there in the morning, add a second little breakfast to my routine (rice krispies first then breakfast drink), I started taking my prenatal at night (which I found helpful bc it was making me feel like crap), drinking ginger ale/sprite and water.  I almost always have crackers with me so if my stomach starts feeling crappy, it's there.  I also switched to unsalted saltines.  I've also had a lot of problems with acid reflux (but that is something I have without being pregnant) but I've just had to make some concious changes--no more OJ, watching what I'm eating for acidity and sugar content, taking the Zantac. 

    I wonder about your waking up--I wonder if you are dreaming and not remembering it.  I"ve had a lot of vivid dreams since I've gotten pregnant and not all are great and I'm sure I've had more that I don't remember.  Sad to say there's not much you can do about dreams.  Or at least what I've found. 

     I think my coping mechanisms have been this:

    1.  Making conscious decisions (no more OJ, if I'm super tired, I'm not going to push it) and not feeling bad about them.  Some of these may be long term changes, some might be short term but I can always re-evaluate after the baby comes. 

    2.  Ask experienced moms about things that are going on.  This could be on the Bump or at work or Facebook...people love to help.  That is why these message boards are so popular and useful.  Better to feel silly for a few minutes than not know at all.  Also, I would say don't hesitate to call the doctor if you are really worried about something.  If you feel like you are calling too much, write your questions down and ask them all when you go to your OB once a month. 

    3.  It's great to be excited but it's ok to feel like crap.  My first trimester was hard.  And it was harder because I only had a few people I told and who could sympathize and offer advice.  I'm not saying throw a pity party for yourself all the time but it's ok to wonder just what is so wonderful about being pregnant.  It's ok to take the Zofran if you need it.  I wasn't sure that I needed it, so I set a time frame for myself and said I'll give myself til this date and then re-evaluate.  Take things a day at a time and have a short memory.   If I had one good day then yay!  If today sucked, there was hope for tomorrow. 

    4.  Make a list and timeline.  Look at the Bump's.  Figure out what you can do now and what will wait.  Make a plan so you know what you need to do and when.  Buy a book or two and feel forwarned and armed with knowledge. 

    5.  As much as you can, as hard as it is, relax.  Treat yourself--doesn't have to be food--get a new necklace, buy some new books, get a manicure, do something to make you feel special.  I know it's hard, especially when you're just feeling like crap all the time but it will pass.  And turn into something else. 

    Good luck and hope this helps!

  • I experienced this twice in the pregnancy to the point of waking up and pacing around the house and not being able to sit still/sleep all night.  And, also wondering how I would cope as I got larger and larger.  I would call it a panic attack.  I have always felt that the baby would take over my body and take up all the space needed in there - how do you breathe, etc?  I spoke to my OB who recommended exercising at night and possibly seeing a therapist.  I immediately started a prenatal yoga video at night and that helped immensely.  I think the breathing/stretching/relaxation is a life saver.  I wish you the best.
  • YES - I totally have this!  I assume it is hormones.  I am not really an anxious person.  This is my second pregnancy and I don't remember this happening last time and I'm actually not stressed at all.  But I keep waking up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and generally feeling anxious! 

    I think exercise and yoga will be key (though easier said than done with a FT job and 2 year old!).  I am also going to see an accupuncturist to help keep my hormones and anxiety in check.

    Good luck!

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