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Just wanted to recommend some things for anyone who may be currently, or is thinking of moving to the Wilmington area!:)

www.wilmingtonmommies.com part of TMN, The Mommies Network, has been a lifesaver as far as a local moms group goes, the ladies on there are awesome and super supportive!:)

If anyone is looking for a great OB in Wilmington, I have a couple to recommend! Most people I know complain that women's health is lacking in our part of NC (and in Wilmington we only have 3 main OB providers- Wilmington Health OB/GYN, Glen Meade OB/GYN, and Coastal OB/GYN). I was a patient of Glen Meade for 10 yrs before having my DD (and I am back there again now)- Dr. Rachel Jones is amazing, love her!! She did major surgery on me years ago and I can't say enough good things about her! I really wanted to stay there for my pregnancy but they force you to rotate there and I really didn't want to do that, and I already knew one of the OB's over at Wilmington Health and he offered to take me on as a patient, Dr. David Joseph. At Wilmington Health you do have an option to just stick with one OB as your primary and have all your appts with them throughout your pregnancy, although theres no guarantee they can deliver, you can at least see them for all the prenatal stuff. I got really lucky in that he also ended up being able to deliver DD!!:)

I had a VERY high risk pregnancy and I felt I was in the best possible hands with him!! I had extra monitoring and everything was done as I wanted it to be done, in my and my DD's best interest. I had a super low intervention vaginal birth just like I wanted, and it couldn't have gone any better!:) I am really very pleased with my experience there!

And let me brag on our hospital! Betty Cameron Women's and Children's Hospital at New Hanover Regional Medical Center is absolutely fantastic!! It was built in 2008 and it feels like you are in a luxury hotel! I want to have another baby just so I can go back there again!! It truly was wonderful!:)

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