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Hi everyone - I am new to the Katy area and was looking for something to do with my 2 year old daughter. I love the idea of a Mommy and Me class where I can spend some time with her. I am currently pregnant with our next little one, so I want to spend lots of bonding time with my little girl right now before her little brother comes! I have seen reviews online, but prefer word of mouth - any suggestions?

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  • MeggM1MeggM1 member

    We live in the city, so most of the Mommy and Me things I go to are there.  My son goes to Fundamentally Music and we have really enjoyed that.  He's about to "graduate" to the Music Tots class, and I think 2 is a great age for that.  There is also The Little Gym, Gymboree, and The Motherhood Center has a lot of music, art, and other classes.  At this age it's all mommy participation.

    On Saturdays my husband goes to swim class with our son at SwimJim - it's off of I-10 and probably pretty close to Katy.  That has been really great.  I have gotten in the water with our son as well, and that's definitely something you can do with a bump and would be great bonding since you are holding her the entire time, but it is in the water and wouldn't put weight on your back.  They have classes for that age group almost every day of the week, and I bet if you went on the week day it would be mostly moms in the pool with the kids.  It is indoor and year round.

    Hope that helps!

  • We live in Katy and we go to the little gym and my daughter loves it, we also go to story time at the katy library. Aqua tots on grand parkway is another place that you can try for swim lessons.

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