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weirdos -- they are everywhere

on Sunday, the weirdo dad of a mutual friend of ours came up to DH and i after service, shook both our hands, and said "thank you." that was weird all by itself...but when we asked why we were being thanked, he patted my belly and said "why, for making me a grandpappy again, of course!" 

DH and i suddenly remembered that we had something extremely pressing to attend to, and bolted for the door. we were both SERIOUSLY weirded out, and still are, slightly. 

i mean...just...i don' 

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Re: weirdos -- they are everywhere

  • Haha...reminds me of a guy at my church who, about 8 weeks ago, came up to us and said "the holy spirit told me you two were expecting." DH and I both looked at him and nodded, then after he walked away we were like " or maybe it was the big belly that gave it away?" lol some people are just strange...perhaps the holy spirit did tell him and I am just being naive...who knows. 

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  • Lol wow. Some people are really weird.
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  • ewww, I would have been seriously creeped out by that

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  • My sister came with me to my appt today which was in downtown in a bigger city. I have from a small town about 40 minutes away. This wasn't my regular doctor, but was an OB who will be delivering our baby.

    Anyways, my sister was sitting in the lobby feeding her 4 month old and this creepy man came up and started just staring and tried to touch her face all while my sister was bottle feeding. When she was done, "he said, aren't you going to burp her yet?" my sister responded with yes, that is what I am doing now." It was just very all around creepy and weird.

    That is why I prefer my "sheltered" life in my small town!

  • One of my clients started crying in my office the other day because "your baby is going to know my voice!" Indifferent
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  • Haha! These are fabulous stories. I'm loving the Holy Spirit one. Hehehe. I firmly believe in the leading of the Holy Spirit, but c'mon! It would only not be creepy if he said it as a joke when the signs are beyond obvious to the naked eye. LOLOLOL
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  • A women I barley knew came up to me crying telling me how beautiful it was that I was pregnant and showing. I mean she knows my mom and she knew of my past miscarriages,but it was awkward as hell. I didn't know what to do as shes crying on my shoulder and giving my DH weird/scared facial expressions....
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