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Commute from The Woodlands

Hi everyone! We may be moving from PA to Houston within the next year.  We've lived in Houston before (Inner Loop), but I'm curious to know how the commute to downtown would be for my DH (I currently SAH) from places like The Woodlands, Spring, and Kingwood. If you or your DH commute from these areas, could you give me a rundown of what the commute is like?


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Re: Commute from The Woodlands

  • I replied on the SAHM board. ;)


  • I lived in The Woodlands and commuted to Midtown for work. Most days was 45 minutes, if I took Hardy. If there was bad traffic, it could take an hour to an hour and a half. Depends on when he will be working. I had to show up at 7 AM so I was on the road with a lot of commuters. 

    Spring would be about the same, depends on where in Spring. I was right next to 45 in The Woodlands, so I only worried about hwy traffic.

    Good Luck on the move! 

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  • Anything involving a commute on I-45 is going to be slow. If you aren't completely set on living in The Woodlands, then I'd recommend you look at the Fall Creek subdivision which is up 59 (and in Humble ISD). I live in-town now, but my DH and I have looked at that area because the commute downtown is reasonable, like on the order of 20 minutes or less. Something about 59 north of downtown always seems to have much less traffic than anything up 45. Good luck with the move!
  • My former job had my traveling throughout the city constantly, and in my opinion, 59N is the best and most consistent (aka: fewer bad traffic days) commute in Houston. I can usually get downtown in about 35 minutes from Kingwood and home in about 30.
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  • I loved riding The Woodlands Express to/from downtown.  Super easy and I woudl not drive if I still needed to commute.
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