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Recommendations for Kaiser OB GYN?

hello, new to the board!

We are looking for a OB GYN ideally in: Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lone Tree, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Castle Rock areas.  Also interested in any Aurora Kaiser experiences.

We'd like someone ideally with IVF pregnancy experience, and "older" 40+ experience to guide us through testing, etc.

 Thank you!


Re: Recommendations for Kaiser OB GYN?

  • stiddstidd member
    2 words: Sally Berga!!!  I am no longer with Kaiser, haven't been for years, but she is just simply amazing. She takes the time to answer your questions in a way that's easy to understand.  She is very funny and spunky!  She is one of the only reasons I miss Kaiser. It was hard to find a replacement that I liked as much as her.  Good luck on your search.
  • This may not be close to what you have in mind - but here is our experience.  We haven't had any success at the Westminster Kaiser clinic .. getting me mixed up with another Heather, not sure where to give Rhogam shot, etc.  Dr. Stark,a perinatologist, at the Midtown office (near Franklin) is phenomenal!!  We are IVF, 40, etc :)  So it's nice to have someone that understands what we've been through and is a straight-shooter.

    How many weeks?  Multiples?

    Good luck!

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  • Thank you.  These are  fantastic leads! 

     Heather, a friend of a friend also saw Dr. Stark.  Was he your OB throughout your pregnancy?  Did you go directly to him or referred by another OB.  I'm new to the Kaiser system as well.    No, early on in a singleton pregnancy (9 1/2 weeks) IVF at CCRM in Lone Tree. 

    Thanks so much, again to both of you!!


  • I am currently on Kaiser and just want to give you a heads up. You should be able to get the same provider in pregnancy, but when it comes to delivering your baby, you will get whichever doctor is the Kaiser on-call doctor. If you are delivering at St. Joe's, you may get Dr. Price or Dr. Rossi, both are based in the Lakewood clinic and do several rotations at St. Joe's. If other members have different experiences with Kaiser, please share them.
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  • Thanks for this info phq2011.
  • We, too did CCRM (23 weeks w/ twins!)  Our first Kaiser appointment was with a regular clinic at 10 weeks.  They wanted me to see a perinatologist because they weren't sure if I'm carrying identical/fraternal .. So started seeing Dr. Stark week 14.  He said he'll eventually transfer me back to the clinic  Sad  The way I understand how Kaiser labor/delivery works is what the other post mentioned - whichever doctor is on call.

    Keep me posted on what you find re: Kaiser clinics/docs.

  • An advantage I would like to mention about Kaiser's on-call system from nurses who work the St. Joe's ward. The advantage of an attending physician is the lack of pressure to perform medical intervention based on schedule because there is always a doctor on-site. Last I checked, St. Joe's had an 18.5% c-section rate, and they are the high-risk hospital for Denver and the surrounding metro area. All things considered, I was expecting much higher, but a few nurses said that Kaiser having residence there helped that number substantially.  

    BTW, also met Dr. Pearlmen the other day (another Kaiser L&D OB) and she was very knowledgeable and friendly.

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