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I'm looking for some Doula recommendations in the Greater Houston area.  TIA!

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  • Me too.  EDD 2/19/13.
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  • imageLolitaC:
    I'm looking for some Doula recommendations in the Greater Houston area.  TIA!


    I  recommend Nina Bassett with Bassett Baby Planning

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  • Check out the TLC doula Group. Dorin Jordon was my Bradley instructor and she's also a doula! Love her! Have heard great things about the others in that group as well.  

    HTH. :) 

  • There are so many great Doulas in the Houston area! You have gotten a few great recommendations already. Some more to think of would be the Houston Doula Cooperative, or search a whole host of options at doulamatch.net Regardless, I HIGHLY recommend finding a doula who fits your philosophy, desires for birth, personality, and also one who works with a backup. No doula is the perfect doula fit for every woman, although we all WANT to be; -) so also be sure to interview at least two before making a decision! Oh, and of course, congratulations!
  • Lolita!  Did I miss an announcement from you?!  I never come over here anymore so that's not surprising.  Come to the new board! :)

    I used Kathleen with TLC Doula Group (though the group hadn't formed yet when I had Cooper), she was fabulous.  Actually Rowan (same group) ended up being at the hospital with us too because things got hairy and Kathleen called her for backup; she was probably the best counselor we could have asked for when it came time to make decisions.   They were both great, we plan to use Kathleen again next time.  

    This is Suzanne, btw, I'm not sure if you recognize my screen name and kid's photo.

    My big boy is bounding towards 4! Baby brother coming in October!
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  • Oops I havent checked back on this post in awhile.  I got sucked into the BC forum. oh and that Alt12 forum its just full of drama and teenagers its my new guilty pleasure on my kindle!

    Thanks for the recs.  I finally just yesterday talked to my OB about wanting a doula and natural birth, and he reccomended Kristi Ramon, that hes worked with before and teaches some of the classes over at Women's.  I think that we're going to go with her because she and my OB already have a relationship and shes very familiar with our hospital.

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