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Wondering if there's an FB group

Is there an FB group for this group? I'm in one for Dec. moms so I was wondering if there's one for this group. I think some of us could use each other's support.
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Re: Wondering if there's an FB group

  • There is, but it's set to private or secret or something. I'm not sure how to access it when you're not a member, but hopefully an admin will see this.
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  • A FB group would be great.  We had one for our month board and it was nice...not now since single mom's don't see to be welcomed there, but it was nice when I was pregnant.
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  • I would love to be in the FB group. If an admin sees this, please PM me.
  • Itd be nice but Im sure privacy would be a major factor, i know a lot of us are trying to hide our lives from our exs.
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